Addiction & Jail Ministry


We partner with local Public Safety Offices to help educate the incarcerated, ex-offenders and addicts. Our faith based classes address substance abuse, cognitive distortions and life coping skills. Education along with interactive learning develops better and more productive individuals in society. The main goal is reducing the recidivism rate of the incarcerated. The Community Assessment Re-entry Empact (C.A.R.E.) partner network connects communities with the incarcerated and their families to ensure long term success.


Community Assessment Re-entry Empact (C.A.R.E) is a transitioning program for ex-offenders, families and their children. C.A.R.E partners consist of churches, support groups, probation & parole, community service work programs, businessmen and other community organizations. They meet monthly/quarterly at Emerge Ministries home offices. These meetings are focused on developing relationships for strengthening a community support system for transitioning ex-offenders, spouses, significant others and their children.

Jail Volunteer Ministry

We recruit, educate and train individuals who wish to volunteer in the Emerge Skills4Life Program and local jails. Also, we provide a liaison system between the community, legal system, family members of the incarcerated and ex-offenders transitioning home. Community volunteers bring about long-term success for the incarcerated, ex-offenders and their families, while removing burdens placed on our local jails by substance abuse.

Substance Abuse

Terry Norris, Co-Founder and Director of Emerge Ministries, is a certified CSAC-R substance abuse counselor in the state of North Carolina. He is a Licensed Chaplain and Ordained Pastor. His multi-faceted education gives Emerge a unique opportunity to assist those in need. Community Partnering is essential for success. We use all methods of community support available to those we serve.