Covid-19 Ministry Updates

On March 13, 2020 due to the effects of Covid-19, the United States declared itself to be in a state of national disaster. Then came social distancing orders shutting down all but essential businesses. Corporate gatherings among believers was prohibited to groups larger than 10 people. Evangelistic ministries were considered non-essential. Pastors, ministry leaders and volunteers were searching for divine wisdom to make life changing decisions for themselves, those they love and those needing the demonstrated love of Christ. Emerge has faced these same challenging decisions. We have cancelled our annual banquet losing thousands of dollars in operating costs, cancelled three City Wide Crusade Festivals and postponed two in 2020; Emerge Life Events in prisons are suspended and our seven (7) week Christ centered jail programs have been delayed. However, in the midst of this pandemic, ministry has taken place. We have delivered hundreds of masks to South Carolina Dept. of Juvenile Justice. We continue to pack and distribute hundreds of boxed care packages to families and have given out back-packs filled with items for children. We have spent time preparing for resuming ministry in June 2020, knowing the need for our evangelistic efforts will be needed greater than ever after these restrictions are lifted. We continue to pray for all the front line workers and the families of those who have lost their lives during this devastating time.

                                                                                Come Go With Us and Be a “Voice”!

                                                                                                    Terry Norris

                                                                                       Executive Director, Emerge