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Emerge's Prayer Request 2024

Dr. Terry Norris, Executive Director

Prayer proceeds provision. We ask that you dedicate times of prayer for Emerge this entire year. By intentionally increasing my own prayer life in 2023, provision followed in ministry and my personal life. Please join me as we increase our prayer life together this year. Specifically, intercede for Emerge. We are ferociously engaged with the enemy every day, in prisons, our chaplaincy programs (ECRT), our volunteer disaster relief, and our work among the impoverished and the homeless. Also, we are battling powers and principalities in North Carolina and other states. They are hindering the expansion of our tent pegs in many local jails and state prison systems. We need prayer in all these areas. God has given us seven (7) specific areas for our 2024 yearly prayer list. I hope it blesses you and your family; I know it will bless us!


1. That hope and faith is poured into pastors and leaders across the nation. That a Biblical Worldview of Evangelism, Church, and Discipleship, interwoven and Holy Spirit driven, will produce hope and change among leadership and culture. 


2. That the Director of Emerge will remain concise, clear, and courageous, not doing the familiar, but focusing on God’s priorities within the Vision, Mission, and Purpose of Emerge Ministries.


3. That we become aware of the spiritual blocks to receiving the cattle on a thousand hills. That our donations grow in spiritual step with God's increase of His work, not becoming a distraction of the enemy.

4. That we remain Holy Spirit driven, holding steadfast to the “Emerge Proclamations”(see website) which guide us to love one another so that the world will know we are His disciples, followers of Christ Jesus. Also, that the saints and the organized church may be restored and healed while we minister and persuade the lost of the truth in the Gospel and the need for a home church.


5. For the biblical council of 120 individuals, board members, advisors, and volunteer staff across the country who have the vision of and serve alongside Emerge every day. 


6. That we remain undeceived by the enemy. As our tent pegs are rapidly extending outward, we as leaders can easily become deceived. Organization building is often in conflict with building His Kingdom

7.  That we are preparing ourselves and those we serve for a depth of maturity required for Gods narrative to once again overtake this country.


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