Audio and Video

Our Media staff are essential to Emerge Ministries. During most events except those in prisons or jails we have live feeds on social media such as Facebook. Those who contribute with financing, donations of supplies, praying and many other support positions can participate through these live media events. They are instrumental in the studio as well, recording testimonies which are then put on Emerge YouTube channel and seen all over the world. The media team is reaching thousands of people yearly.

Event Production: Staging, Sound and Video

We do outdoor and indoor Christian Events. We have capability to handle audio and video for 5000 people. We have trained and qualified personal for both FOH and stage operations for small or large events. While these capabilities are important the atmosphere with which we serve is the foundation of everything we bring. An atmosphere reflecting the law of Christ to share one another’s burdens is essential in the worship experience. That is our focus when serving in this capacity.

Emerge Live Music Ministry

This is a large and diverse group, both in race, culture and gender. They are all professionals. They represent many denominations and reside throughout all of North Carolina. Collectively, they are more than musicians. Each one has a story of their own to share both in word and song as to who, what and how they have developed a life changing experience through the love of Christ. Emerge Live has performed in front of audiences both large and small. They are an intricate part of all evangelistic ministries within Emerge.

Social Media

Social media has helped us reach hundreds of thousands in need of the Gospel. It has become one of the most powerful means of communication. During our ministries, we stream live on Facebook and other media outlets. In doing so everyone gets to participate in the ministry regardless of where we are or what we are doing. In the studio, we record testimonies which are then released to the public on Emerge YouTube Channel. These are viewed over the entire world. These testimonies are also released on all other media outlets for Emerge. Our web-site is vital to the operation of the ministry. It allows all our volunteers to register, reserve hotel rooms and receive training material for all our different platforms of ministry. Our newsletters and blogs are released through the site as well.