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Meet Our Board of directors

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Bennett Holloway

Chairman of Board of Directors

As an Executive Pastor I am head over all staff, finances, Personnel Team, Stewardship Team, Nominating Team, facility, all ministries. I lead and teach in our Wednesday Night Services, and occasionally on Sundays. I have a passion for teaching God’s Word, for investing in building the church and ministries, and building the staff up to execute the mission of the church.

Our story has been one that speaks to the faithfulness of Christ and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. It is the byproduct of obedience and the provision of the Lord. When my wife, Lauren, and I moved to North Carolina our son Bright was one year old. Lauren was pregnant with Boulder and our now daughter Story, was not even in the picture yet. We came to live in a state where we knew no one and where we were twenty-one hours from all our family, to serve in a church that had been through a lot.


It was a step of faith to follow God’s direction to New Bern. While here, I have grown in my relationship with the Holy Spirit tenfold. I have encountered a taste of what God has in store for me and I love encouraging others in their relationship with the Holy Spirit as well. My roles as husband and father have also drastically shifted. I have experienced the impact of counseling in my personal life, and I have seen the healing that comes through forgiveness. He has begun new pathways of thought that are in line with my shifted perspective of how He sees me. As one would assume, this impacts how I husband, how I father, and how I pastor.

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