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Chaplin's Emergency Response Team in Dawson Springs, Kentucky

One year ago, the Emerge Chaplin’s Response Team (ECRT) began their mission in Dawson Springs, Kentucky. The purpose of this mission was to aid individuals in their emotional and spiritual recovery during the aftermath of the disaster left by the tornado. The tornado touched down in December 2021. Just last week, Jan 5th 2023, ECRT finished their one (1)-year anniversary visit at the disaster site. They concluded their mission by praying and offering one on one ministry to individuals in the community. Emerge returned home with their dinning trailer and other equipment completing their mission in Kentucky. The community has hope and will make a full recovery in the future. Thanks to everyone who supported and donated to Emerge during this time of great need! Below are some pictures showing the before and after process of the tornado disaster recovery.

Pictures directly after the Tornado - Jan 2022

Pictures after the recovery - Jan 2023

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