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A Christ Centered Independence Day

"The Founding, The Foundation, The Future"

Today is Independence Day in America and Emerge Ministries hopes you and your family are celebrating your time together. On July 1st we held the 3rd Annual Duplin County Independence Day Christ Center Celebration. With this in mind we hope you take time to reflect on what the statement of a Christ Centered Independence Day really means and its importance as we strive for a more perfect union. We honor those who make our freedoms possible.

As Americans and Christians, we continue to see our country moving further away from "One Nation Under God" and closer to "every man doing what is right in his own eyes". As Christians our unified presence is needed more than ever. The Duplin County Independence Day Christ Center Celebration is only one example; however, it is a powerful example.

The planning committee hopes you are able to recognize just what this display of Unity in Christ looks like. This year we had churches, small and large businesses, farmers, individuals, and for the first time in our history the Duplin County Board of Commissioners giving their full support for the event! They are all supporting and standing up for this Christ centered event. What a move of God and a statement this makes about our County.

Emerge Ministries and the planning committee would like to personally thank everyone who helped and joined with us for this event. We did not come close to the number of people expected and there is much to learn as we grow, however, through the many "Voices" with one "Vision" we can carry out "His" plan. We hope you will join us next year!

“Come Be That Voice”

Picture taken by Gregory E. 'Rettaman' Johnson

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