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Parchman Prison Freedom Initiative 23

Emerge Ministries first and foremost wants to recognize and thank everyone that made the much needed and necessary Parchman Prison Freedom Initiative 23 possible. Without YOUR support Emerge could not further extent its tent pegs and fulfill its purpose to serve the church and reach the lost.

We are beyond grateful to have video footage of this event. Prison’s usually do not allow video recording inside facilities but through the effort and work of ChristSong Ministries Parchman has opened its doors. Please watch this video to see the impact that the voices with Emerge can have on the incarcerated.

Terry Norris, The Executive Director at Emerge, says in regard to the video, “What an awesome time. Some of these same 13 that committed themselves to Christ are getting baptized this week. Praise God for the Chaplains from Angola who have gave their life to God and to serve Parchman. They have followed up with these guys and are making sure orphans are not left at the Alter”.

Come and Go With Us!

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