City Wide Crusades

EMERGE partners and serves local churches and organizations, with intentionality to begin preparation for a one day evangelistic effort.  A specific community is then targeted to serve and build relationships. EMERGE’s role among several others is to serve as steering committee to the local planning committee. Months prior to crusade, we meet on several occasions with all volunteers (“Voices”) for education and training on personal evangelism and serving the church. Much time is spent reviewing and seeking individuals for testimonies and the preaching of the Word for the day of ministry. Emerge provides all production equipment needed and music from Emerge Live, an eclectic group of professional music ministers. 

Disaster Relief

EMERGE brings relief to many locations throughout the USA and abroad that are experiencing the devastation of natural disasters. We partner with many individuals, local churches and other organizations to fulfill the mission. These “Voices” ensure we meet the intentional, short and long -term relief efforts needed in the communities we serve. We focus on three concerns. First, we target areas which are under resourced and are the most problematic in terms of crime and poverty. Next, we meet physical needs based on the nature of a specific disaster. Third, we focus on the spiritual healing of the community by providing evangelistic street crusades within the devastated community. These include music, testimony, individual counseling and prayer from pastors and laypersons. 

Prison Ministry

EMERGE helps certify and empower individuals and groups who feel lead to minister in this capacity. “Emerge Life Events” are the mobilization of large groups to minister within several state prison systems. We implement all training and administrative issues to ensure volunteers are properly trained and prepared for personal evangelism within the prison system. Emerge staff plan, schedule and coordinate all efforts for these events. “Emerge Life Events” are large and require many volunteers that are gifted musically, as prayer warriors, in preaching of the Word and the ability to give testimony. 

Homeless Ministry

Each Year we receive items, package and then distribute thousands of care packages to organizations and to individuals who are homeless. We assist homeless shelters in our Serve a Shelter program. In this ministry, we train and mobilize volunteers to serve as a group in shelters for one day, cleaning, washing, preparing and serving meals to the residence and staff. Emerge is partnering and serving throughout the Eastern United States in an effort to serve this community.

Worship Ministry

Support/Community Worship Services

EMERGE sows into other ministries as much as possible. We are prepared to come alongside any evangelistic effort to meet the needs of a community.

We believe disciples should make disciples thus, kingdom building is our first priority. We have monthly community worship services throughout the year. Everyone is invited. We do this in hopes of encouraging corporate worship, serving and strengthening the local churches.