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Hebrew Prayer Books


Personal  Evangelism

We have programs to assist individuals and organizations who wish to expand and mature in reaching out to those in need. The program's foundation is biblically based in the New Testament Scriptures. Emerge Proclamations is the foundation of all of our training tools. It covers ten areas relevant to the work of evangelists in their biblical relation to the church, spiritual conflict, social and justice issues, culture, missions, leadership and education.

Disaster Response & Relief

This introduction to relief efforts covers partnering, assessing needs, acquiring physical and financial donations, packaging, distribution, feeding and safety training. One of our primary missions is community healing. While there are many other ministries that focus on structural rebuilding, Emerge concentrates on spiritual rebuilding. There are several areas addressed to deliver encouragement and instill hope in these devastated and grief-stricken environments. One, is prayer, which is paramount to success. Second, ministering to those directly by feeding and delivering supplies. Third, Emerge mobilizes chaplains for long term follow-up. We have more than 400 chaplains ready to be deployed.


Emerge, partnering with Aiden University and the American Chaplains Association offer Chaplains Certification and college transferable credits. Our chaplains are trained in eight (8) core areas of chaplaincy. Once graduating as a Certified Chaplain, you receive nine (9) college credits and you are eligible to become part of the Emerge Chaplains Response Team.  Participation in Emerge Ministries continuing education program and volunteering for 40 hrs you receive six (6) more college credits. 

Prison & Jail

The training programs for this ministry are detailed and extensive. Emerge is partnered with local and state entities. Requirements differ by county and state. Individuals must first complete an Emerge Volunteer Packet. Upon completion, each must attend and complete training in the Do's and Don'ts program. Required State Applications are completed and submitted. Once we have approval on applications, each individual will attend a mandatory training by a government agency trainer. Personal safety and mature understanding of incarceration is of utmost importance when evangelizing in prisons and jails.

Addiction & Substance Abuse

We have trained and licensed staff in the field of addiction with over 31 years' experience. We work with individuals and families. Understanding the complexity of addiction, we help with liaisons between those who are caught in addiction, the justice system, treatment options and referrals.

Through Skills4Life and C.A.R.E. in-house jail programs we educate Christian laypersons from multiple denominations on substance abuse and addiction. in the church and society. We train individuals with the church and para-organizations to help with those who are returning to society from treatment centers and incarceration due to substance abuse.

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