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Emerge Life Event - Upstate, SC

On July 28th, through July 29th, for the first time, Emerge Ministries traveled to Upstate South Carolina where the “Voices” of Emerge delivered the Gospel to the incarcerated youth. There was an amazing move of God, and we witnessed many salvations! All glory goes to God. Due to your continued financial support, we met some of their physical needs and delivered a multitude of supplies to the youth. Every inmate received a t-shirt, socks, and a Bible. We also donated 300 stamps, envelopes, pencils, and cards. It was a successful ministry trip. The chaplains are expanding and developing more planned trips for Emerge to this part of South Carolina. These next trips will include the female units as well as the boys. Dates for October and November are set. Emerge is blessed as a ministry. Specifically, we want to emphasize how thankful we are to witness His work in the youth! Each of you that contributed are amazing, and these life changing services would not be possible without our volunteers, donors, and prayer warriors. We hope that you keep us in your prayers and consider joining with us. To get started click on the link below:

“Together We Can Do This!”

What a weekend we had! I have so many stories I could share. If you’re interested in doing prison ministry, please let’s talk.

Here are our results from the weekend.

9 services

148 inmates in attendance

51 salvations

I believe every life is impacted including the lives of the volunteers, staff members and the chaplains.

Chaplain Judy Norris

ELE Administrator

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