We are many voices
with one vision
to carry out HIS plan!

Bringing hope to people’s lives by displaying the love, grace and mercy of God!


“Spirit & Truth”

October 8th-10th 2021

Presently, in America, intentional evangelism that is biblical and serves the church is
needed more than ever before. Emerge has educated, trained and mobilized Christians to do the work of the Saints and will continue to do so with excellence. Now, God has given us a new educational and training challenge, to begin a yearly conference focused on spiritual warfare, prayer and evangelism. Although we have experienced speakers, we are encouraging and allowing time spent on personal involvement and growth. This renewing of the mind, body and spirit is essential to fulfilling your purpose for God.

Come go with us!

· Anyone Can Attend
· Couples or individuals willing to share a room
· Location Black Mountain NC
· Speakers, Worship, Small Group Sessions
· Sunday Morning Service
· Minutes from Billy Graham’s “The Cove”
· Free Time Saturday
· Early bird Arrivals October 7th

Details of cost, speakers and schedule coming soon!

Come Go With Us- Be a “VOICE”

EMERGE Life Events  
“Prison Ministry”

Prior to Covid-19, inmates suffered a great deal from isolation. During Covid-19 the loneliness of isolation increased tremendously, causing a greater need for restoration and healing.

In July of 2020, Emerge, was granted permission to send evangelists to minister to inmates, staff, and families, through onsite prayer at different correction facilities in South Carolina. August 21 thru August 23, in a coordinated effort, 15 “Voices” with Emerge traveled to Columbia SC. During this time, they participated in intentional and focused prayer for the inmates.

We provided composition books, notebook paper, stamps, deodorant, snacks and sodas for 250 juveniles. Not only did we provide for August, everything was doubled, and we provided that which would have been given in June. We saw a mighty move on God.
Four (4)  juveniles received Christ. A female adult facility came off lock down as we prayed on Saturday. Also, on September 1 all chaplains, teachers and life coaches returned to work!

Regardless of the method of ministry, our “Voices” will return for our quarterly Emerge Life Event, March 5-7, 2021.


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Emerge Chaplaincy Ministry

Emerge Ministries is the continuing education and mobilization arm for ACA Certified Chaplains. Our chaplain ministry groups are being deployed specifically to critical incidents in natural disasters, public safety crises, prison ministry and more. The educational opportunities through Emerge and our partners, Aidan University and the American Chaplains Association is exceptional. Becoming a certified chaplain opens doors of opportunity to expand your personal evangelism journey. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us immediately.


In 2020, our Emerge Skills4Life seven (7) week Christ centered addiction program and Community Assessment & Re-entry Empowerment  (C.A.R.E.) programs were scheduled to begin in North Carolina and Lousiana Detention Centers located in many different counties and Parishes. Meetings to resume progress on these programs post Covid-19 restrictions, will begin in June 2020. Please continue to pray for those who suffer from addiction, isolation, and separation from support groups. Overdose and suicidal deaths have increased during this pandemic; please pray for all family members and loved ones affected. 


 Citywide Crusade Festivals

Washington DC, Baltimore MD


The Four Cornerstones

Mobilization of Voices

City Wide Crusades
Disaster Relief
Prison Ministry
Homeless Ministry


Addiction & Jail Ministry

Jail Volunteer Ministry
Substance Abuse



Prison Volunteer
Disaster Relief
Addiction Counseling
Kingdom Building



Audio Production
Video Production
Event Production
Live Music

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