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ATTENTION! Prison Ministry Volunteers Needed!

We are excited about this move of God and we need your help making sure we have volunteers prepared. South Carolina Prisons are opening for Emerge to begin ministering inside. Also, there will be many opportunities other than South Carolina available in the near future. We are in need of more volunteers that will minister to the incarcerated adults and juveniles.

As most of you know South Carolina Department of Corrections and other adult juvenile facilities have been closed approximately two(2) years and eight(8) months due to Covid-19. To begin the process of becoming a "Voice" with Emerge Life Events prison ministry, please click the following link to sign up and begin the process.

If you have never done prison ministry prior to this, you can come as a visitor on our quarterly weekend Emerge Life Event crusade. It will give you the experience of a life time and solidify your passion from God to become involved. So, click on the link above and let's get started! Once you submit the volunteer form you will be contacted by Executive Administrator of ELE Judy Norris to assist you in completing the onboard process. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

P.S.: Please take the time to visit our new website after submitting your form!


Terry Norris

Emerge Ministries

Executive Director

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