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Dr. Norris' thoughts on the Unveiling of the Billy Graham Statue

Updated: May 24

On May 16th, through invitation only, Emerge’s Executive Director, Dr Terry Norris, had the honor of attending the Unveiling of the Billy Graham Statue inside Statuary Hall at the US Capital. It took the work and perseverance of many Christians since Billy Graham's passing to make this possible.


There were approximately 150 guests in attendance, most of whom were from North Carolina. Some notable guests included Franklin Graham, Will Graham, Artist Michael W. Smith, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, Governor Roy Cooper, Vice President Mike Pence, Congressman Greg Murphy, Senator Ted Budd, Senator Thom Tillis, and other distinguished men and women from North Carolina. Dr. Norris had the privilege of listening to, participating with, and being surrounded by such leaders from the great state of North Carolina. It was a humbling and inspiring moment.


While attending, Dr. Norris spent time with several key figures and shared his testimony along with the vision and work of Emerge Ministries, which will garnish more support for our ongoing ministry efforts. Also, while at the Museum of the Bible Dr. Norris unexpectedly met fellow Christian Shannon Bream. They briefly spent time discussing the Museum and the Unveiling ceremony.


Witnessing God ordain our attendance at this event reveals His sovereign plan for Emerge. Without Him leading Emerge we would fall into our own deceitful desires and miss His essence and narrative for the ministry. Please keep Emerge in your prayers as we continue to seek His will on earth as it is in heaven. Also, we want to extend a special thanks to all “The Voices” (volunteers) that have partnered with us throughout the years and making what we accomplish possible. You have been the divine force fulfilling our purpose of the work of The Great Commission.

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